Tiger Mon Equal to Children Success in Future

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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The .issue .of .whether .a .tiger .mum .equals .a .better .future .has .aroused .a .wide .debate .in our community recently. The .news .recently .reported .that Asian tiger parents also called Chinese-style version of parenting, struggle much effect to children. However, I disagree with the above statement, in this essay; I will explain the reasons and conclude that the tiger mom is equal to better future for their children.

The background is that it has been argued that a tiger mom cannot lead students for a better future. In fact, a tiger mom can be a role model to their children. Parents can guide their children in their growth, their personal development, as well as building up their right value which can lead them to a better future. Chinatown American parents often focus on educational achievement, personality, personal accomplishment, and problem solving skills. With these aspects, they have high expectations of their children, for example, children are expected to master various musical instruments, and succeed in everything. Every parent would like to cultivate all the good things and values to their children when they are still innocent. This is why the name of “tiger parents” comes from, in another word “strict parents”.

Outstanding academic results can set up good career aspects in the future, no matter if it is in Hong Kong or western countries, not only in manufacturing-based or service-based career. TheBigGreen (2012) showed that in the top-level schools, 90 percent of children have an outstanding parent who plans a strict and harsh timetable for their children. It is shown that when a child enrolls in a high-level institution can refer to a minority who have a tiger parent. The strict parents will plan a full schedule for children to learn extra knowledge and practical skills. Focusing on academic achievements, their parents will arrange many tutorials for them to excel in exams. In order to reach the target and be the top student in the...
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