Tiger Airways Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis3
Appraisal of SWOT Analysis4
Taking Advantage of Our Strengths4
Reducing our Weaknesses4
Taking Advantage of Opportunities5
Looking out for Threats5

SWOT Analysis

Strengths| Weaknesses|
1. Low Cost of Tickets 2. Low cost of maintenance – Fleet made up entirely of Airbus A320-200 3. Low Cost of Operations – Uses Budget Terminals 4. 1st low cost carrier in Singapore- Is recognized as the low cost leader 5. Operates in 13 countries & 35 destinations 6. Has tie-up with Hertz car rental | 1. Lack of free food / drinks 2. Service Standards seen as 2nd rate 3. Airplanes are not as comfortable as 1st rate airlines 4. Booking arrangements not as flexible as normal airlines – Unable to get refund once tickets are booked 5. Does not have own Pilot Training Facility – Directly Recruits Captains & First Officers 6. Pilot Training not up to standard – Leading to several incidences and Airline’s grounding 7. Staff salaries not competitive – leading to pilot exodus in 2010. 8. Does not have own MRO – Using SIAEC 9. Only flies to destinations within a 4 hour flight from Singapore| Opportunities| Threats|

1. Budget Airlines would be favorable to newly developing countries like Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar where Tiger has not entered yet 2. Upcoming unfavorable economic conditions might see more people taking budget flights 3. Asean “Open Skies” Agreement – Unlimited flights to Asean countries | 1. Aggressive competitors – AirAsia , Jetstar & Virgin Blue 2. Singapore Airlines’ other low cost carrier Scoot might cannibalize passengers from Tiger. 3. Increase in Customer expectations 4. Cost of Fuel going up 5. In Malaysia , can only operate at Kuala Lumpur due to aviation agreements.|

Appraisal of SWOT Analysis

Taking Advantage of Our Strengths

We will maintain our ultra low cost ticket prices and strive to be the lowest among...
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