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I. Background of Singapore Airlines

II. Strategy
1.What is Strategy?
2.The nature of Singapore Airlines Global Strategy
3.Mission and value of SIA

III. Strategic analysis of the organization and its environment 1.PEST analysis
2.Strategic Capabilities
3.Strategic SWOT analysis

IV. Future strategic aspects for SIA


In this report I examine the history of Singapore Airlines’ the report will then including the corporate strategy, strategic choice and analysis of the company’s external environment political, economic, social and technical environment (PEST analysis), strategic capabilities and the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). I will discuss the future strategic aspects from Singapore Airlines (SIA) and make some recommendations how SIA going to be improved. Introduction:

Selecting a strategy is different from developing a strategic plan. The point is any single strategy might deliver the basis for a wide change of plans. Locating and evolving strategic goals to achieve them are the next step in improvement. I selected Singapore Airlines where its target markets is mainly in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippine’s and Singapore. Singapore Airlines’ trademark has been very powerful for the airline industry from the start. It exists as one of the top brand cases from Asia for other recognized brands as well as any seeking brands. It is a unique brand in the opinion that the meeting takes dedicated control of the brand strategy dissimilar as many other Asian companies.

I. Background of Singapore Airlines:
A combined offer between Singapore and Malaysian Airlines began in 1947. However, in 1965 Singapore disconnected from Malaysia, to moving this two the governments decided to establish separate airlines. In 1972 SIA was born. Singapore Airlines was in a difficult position than most other airlines at this period; as there were no domestic routes to fly, it was pushed to start competing directly with international airlines for routes, access to airports, securing flight slots and landing rights, and developing a new customer bases. In contrast to most state-owned objects, Singapore Airlines faced competition from the beginning; this tough start shaped a powerful organization and also a commitment to branding, particularly in the boardroom.

II. Strategy:

1. What is Strategy?
“The planning of a desirable future and the design and testing of suitable ways of bringing it about… “ ( Tribe, 2010, p. 5.)

2. Examples of Strategy within Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airline’s winning strategy is the result is an airline that built customer loyalty and a solid business. (Berinato, 2008). SIA is placed as a premium carrier with high levels of improvements and first-rate levels of service and has made a strategic choice of providing precedence to effectiveness in excess of size. As a part of its international strategy in 2000 SIA joined one of the 3 major airline alliances, which is Star Alliance. However, numerous divisions of the SIA Group have been operating in China and India forming strategic alliances amongst local organizations.

3. Mission and value:
SIA's emphasis on service is strong. The mission statement and core values state without uncertainty that providing a quality service to customers is an important objective and aspiration of the airline. Problems or queries are dealt with effectively in order to achieve excellent customer service.

III. Strategic analysis of the organization and its environment

1. The Pest analysis for Singapore Airlines:
Singapore Airlines growing from a regional airline to one of the most valued travel brands around the world SIA has to think about their environment and it’s possibilities and risks. I am going to analyze their political, economical, technical, social and cultural environmental...
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