Three Qualities an Authority Figure Should Possess

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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As we grow up older, we usually discover that there is someone who we exceptionally like his\her quality. Some people may like movie stars, world leaders, writers, poets or even singers. The person who I admire her qualities is not a world superstar it is my sister. She has three wonderful qualities such as sacrifice, helpfulness and an endless ambition. The first quality is her sacrifice. I like her sacrifice because what she done for me in my life. An example of this is that she had devoted most of her time taking care of me and my little brother while my mother was sick for a long time. And that added a lot to my personality. That is why I think she is a good example to follow. The second quality is that she is a very helpful person. She has always been a true friend to me, a real friend who always helps you no matter what that may cost her. An example of this is her decision one day, to forget all her exam and stay with me at hospital for two weeks. Therefore, you can always depend on her. That is why she has never failed me. At the same time, she is very determined and knows what she wants to achieve in her life. The third quality is her endless ambition. She is keen on achieving for any goal. For instance, one of her targets is to complete her higher studies in Medicine in the UK one day. She says that she has always dreamt of helping sick people especially children. She is a great leader and natural born leader. Finally, as we know some people are lucky enough that they enjoy different qualities. My sister is a great example and a real leader. In my opinion, she is a person who I owe a lot because she taught me many important lessons that will help me a lot in my life.
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