Patricia Uberoi and her contribution to the sociology of gender

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Contributions to Indian

Introduction: Honouring Patricia Uberoi
Satish Deshpande, Nandini Sundar and Amita Baviskar
Contributions to Indian Sociology 2010 44: 1
DOI: 10.1177/006996671004400201
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Honouring Patricia Uberoi
Satish Deshpande, Nandini Sundar and Amita Baviskar
Dear Patricia, You’ll be sorely missed. Thank you for all your wonderful work and for your enormous support over all these years. X Dear Patricia, My belated wishes to you both (among the two most important people in my life) for Teachers Day. Y

When Patricia Uberoi handed over the files of Contributions to Indian Sociology (CIS), we found these remarks from contributors and referees embedded in routine discussions about the work at hand. We instantly recognised in them sentiments we ourselves have felt several times over, as colleagues of Patricia, both on Contributions and at the Institute of Economic Growth. Everyone who knows Patricia cherishes her gentle humour, her generosity—especially towards younger colleagues, her selflessness when it came to Contributions and her willingness to push the boundaries of existing research and open up new areas.

This collection of essays has been a long time in the making, much before they found a home as part of a special issue of this journal. At the same time, readers will agree, it is especially fitting that these essays be published in CIS, thus continuing the tradition—established by the special issues on/for Louis Dumont and Triloki Nath Madan—of honouring those who have shaped and nurtured Contributions to Indian Sociology. Satish Deshpande and Nandini Sundar are at the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi. Email:, Amita Baviskar is at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. Email: amita.baviskar@

Satish Deshpande was Reviews Editor of CIS from 1996 to 2006. Nandini Sundar and Amita Baviskar are current Editors.

Contributions to Indian Sociology 44, 1&2 (2010): 1–9
SAGE Publications Los Angeles/London/New Delhi/Singapore/Washington DC DOI: 10.1177/006996671004400201


Professor Uberoi first joined the editorial team in 1988 as Book Reviews Editor. From 1992 to 2006, she was co-editor (with Veena Das and Dipankar Gupta), but took on the primary responsibility for managing the affairs of the journal. Since 2006, she has been an active member of the Editorial Board. CIS is proud to provide a platform for honouring the multi-faceted contributions of this scholar, teacher, editor and beloved colleague.

A brief career sketch
Patricia Robyn Hughson was born in Canberra in 1942; both her parents were school teachers. She and her sister were educated in the public (state-funded) schools of various towns in New South Wales. Patricia chose Oriental Studies for her undergraduate degree at the Australian National University (ANU) at Canberra. This somewhat unusual choice was prompted largely by the department’s reputation as an offbeat, intellectually exciting place with exacting academic standards. In Patricia’s own words:

It was a sort of liberal arts approach, with a heavy emphasis on the Classics. Every year in our ‘Civilisation’ course (the humanities/social sciences...
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