Three Day Orientation and Training Program

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  • Published : May 15, 2007
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Orientation of the company and job training is the first crucial step to ensuring a positive performance from both new and old employees. Proper orientation and training the employee's involves a continuous process that must begin at the time of hire to ensure a since of employee value and company involvement. Orientation will reduce: job training cost, employee anxiety, employee turnover; and improve: employee attendance, performance, and over-all skills available. Well developed orientation programs will also develop a better understanding of job requirements, positive attitudes, and job satisfaction for the employee's, as well as, saving valuable time for the trainers involved. When implemented as an on-going process, the orientation and training program will continue to produce successful organizations. When hiring a new employee, organizations depend on the Human Resource Department (HRD) and job supervisors to fill open positions. The HRD screens, interviews, tests, and conducts background checks on all applicants to determine if they meet the requirements of the specific jobs available. Once this process is complete, all potential employees for an open position are then interviewed by the department supervisor. The supervisor then conducts either a structured or and unstructured interview, depending on their needs for hire. When conducting interviews, supervisors have to be cautious to avoid common mistakes that are often encountered in the interview process. To overcome these mistakes, supervisors should first review all of the information they have obtained on the applicant from the HRD. Then they should determine which type of interview they wish to conduct. If the supervisor uses a structured interview they will develop a list of specific questions to be used in all interviews. When conducting the interviews, the supervisor should make the applicants feel comfortable, all the while remembering that the purpose of the interview...
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