Chapter 2 and 10

Topics: Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human resource management Pages: 11 (1881 words) Published: December 10, 2011
High-performance organizations emphasize all of the following EXCEPT:

| Internationally-oriented|

The goal of HRM could be stated as

| To build organizational performance capacity through people|

Employee orientation, training, and performance appraisal fall under the basic human resource management responsibility of | developing a quality workforce|

Cynthia has always performed well in her job, and has received good performance appraisals. She has been denied a promotion to a more lucrative sales position because she was told she “is not attractive enough” for the position. Cynthia is likely a victim of | job discrimination|

Which of the following laws is intended to protect individuals over age 39?

| None of these|
Analyzing existing workforce demographics, comparing them to relevant labor markets, and setting goals for correcting underrepresentation describes ____________, a requirement of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

| affirmative Action|

About __________ % of age discrimination lawsuits result in some financial settlement in favor of the person filing the claim. | 20|

When white males claim that preferential treatment given to minorities in a particular situation interferes with their individual rights, this is an example of

| reverse discrimination|
A Head of Your Time is a local salon that requires all stylists to have graduated from an accepted beauty college and pass the state licensing examination prior to starting employment. Due to strict customer service requirements and potential lawsuits resulting from inadequate knowledge regarding the use and care of certain chemicals and solutions, this business can clearly justify its hiring criteria | |

| as bona fide occupational qualifications|

The very first bill signed by President Barack Obama
| |

| expanded worker's rights to sue employers on equal-pay issues, starting a six-month clock with each paycheck received|

An employee who is regularly employed, but denied access to standard health care, pension and other fringe benefits, is likely a |

| permatemp|

Which of the following is not an element of the recruitment and selection process for new employees?

| telephone interviews|
If a test method is reliable, that means

| the test provides consistent measurement results, time after time|

Ben, a human resource manager, asks job applicants to draft a memo on a subject related to the position they are being considered for. This is an example of

| work sampling|

A performance appraisal using a behaviorally-anchored rating scale is ___________ than the graphic rating scale. | more reliable and valid|

The performance appraisal method that keeps an actual log of a person's effective and ineffective job behaviors is the

| critical incident technique|
As of 2008, what percent of the U.S. labor force holds union membership?

| 12.4%|
____________ is the process that brings management and union representatives together in negotiating, administering, and interpreting contracts.

| Collective bargaining|

A two-tier wage system

| pays new hires less than workers with more seniority doing the same jobs|

Which of the following is not a basic responsibility of human resource management?

| Supervising employees on the production line|

Human resource management specialists have become increasingly important because

| the environment has become complicated due to legal issues, labor shortages and economic turmoil| Do workers have a right to absolute privacy on the job?

| No, and there are still questions in this area because employer monitoring can cross not only legal, but ethical guidelines, too| All of the following contribute to a successful telephone interview EXCEPT:

| avoid asking what happens next|

What is a realistic job preview?

| A review that...
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