Three Conpoments to My Success

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3 Components To My Successful and Happy Life

I believe in order for me to live a successful and happy life, I have to believe in

myself, achieve my goals, and have a healthy, happy family. A successful life is defined

by how much “TIME” a person has to do “ALL” the things “THEY” choose to do. When

I believe in myself along with a positive attitude, nothing is impossible. People who are

confident and have a positive attitude get positive feedback. When a person goes around

expecting the worst, it’s just inviting the worst in and it allows the negative to become a

reality. Believing in my self is one thing but after that I need to set some goals. If I believe

in myself along with setting some long term goals I could be successful. Goal setting is

more than just saying I want something to happen. Unless I clearly define what I want and

why I want it in the first place. When I act upon what I believe, there is a focus and

energy that propels me to new heights. So I can achieve my goals. If I concentrate and

meditate on my goals, they will take root and grow. The most important part of having a

successful and happy life is to find my true love, a husband I truly connect with that loves

me for me. A majority of people believe a successful life has to do with wealth. If a person

is wealthy, are they successful and happy? Not in my experience. My idea of success is

having a healthy, happy family. The only way I can achieve this is by believing in myself

and setting some goals. Once I concur one goal my self image will rise up, to follow

my next path.
The first component to my successful and happy life is believing in myself . When a

person believes in their self They only listen to their self no one can persuade them, they

don’t follow anyone’s advice but their own because they know exactly what they want.

The person will follow their own dreams and make their own path in their life. This task

can be an extremely difficult for many people; Most have never sought out their own path.

They stayed with what they knew, never stepping out of their comfort zone. Others have

thought negatively for so many years that they have to change their thought process

completely. Think about what Thomas Jefferson once said, “Nothing can stop the person

with the right mental attitude; Nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental

attitude.” Believing is a huge part of success. Believing is the heart and mind part of


Setting some goals in my life is the second component to my success and

happiness. I just recently went back to school. I’m thirty-four now and I haven’t been in

school since I graduated high school. I know that if I make some commitments. I will gain

confidence in my self and keep making progress. If a person sets a goal,

whether it’s a short-term or long-term when they achieve that goal it boosts their

confidence level and they have a feeling of satisfaction. I’m in my first quarter of

collage and it’s a start but if I set some long-term goals I will know what I’m working

toward. So believing in myself and setting goals are two main factors in my success.

The last component in my success, the component that would make me feel truly

happy is finding my true love. I want to find that person who will love me for me and love

my girls like they were his own. The person that I could tell anything to and they would

never judge or degrade me. They would always have a positive attitude and encourage my

girls and I to go for anything we want in life. Finding true love is very important for me to

find happiness and stability for my girls. I want them to to be able to live with a mom and

dad together, have a healthy, happy family. So they feel secure and stable.

Over all believing in my self along with goal setting will help me to start my...
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