People See What They Want to See

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People See What They Want to See

If we ask someone how she or he sees world, almost everyone will answer that by eyes. Yes, it is true, but eyes deliver only deceptive view of what we see. They will have never shown view on person’s inside. Different thing is when we use our heart for see what is hidden inside that person. It shows us character of this person, and how he or she is in life.

I think that seeing by heart means to understand other people feelings. There is commandment “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. In my opinion, people should treat other as they want to be treated. Our feelings and skills to logical thinking make us being different than other animals on this planet.

People see only what people have outside. For example first what they look for, is how this person looks like, what is his status, and what car and mortgage he has. They do not care about how this person is for others, and what her or him character is. If we look at this person by our heart we will see those things which we cannot see by our eyes and any different sense. Heart helps us to fall in love with other person or to make friendship. It allows us to be happy when we spend time with person or people who we know. Because of our heart, we can distinguish what is bad and what is good for us. In many researches the scientists have proven that women use more feelings in life than men. They do not judge new people in them life only because of social status or look. They use feelings to show emotions. Why better mother for new-born child is almost always woman? It is because she sees this child by her heart and not only by eyes. Also, women have fewer conflicts with the law. They could predict what is bad and good and what will be the consequences.

In this time “seeing by heart” has been shaded by civilization properties. For us people, the most significant things are money and carrier. We are always in rush, doing our work and studying...
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