Three Challenges to Writing an Essay

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  • Published : January 3, 2011
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Three challenges to writing an essay
There can be many challenges to writing a proper essay, narrowing it down to three was a bit difficult. The three challenges I have chosen are writer’s block, bad sentence structure, and incorrect grammar. The first challenge is writer’s block, which can be difficult to deal with when writing a paper. Becoming very angry and frustrated, which if not dealt with can make the problem worse while writing. The second challenge is that bad sentence structure can make for poor reading. Fragmented sentences, run-ons, and improper punctuation sets a poor foundation for the reader to understand what has been written. The third challenge is using incorrect grammar while writing an essay. Using incorrect grammar makes for a poor impression, some may take it that it is sloppy work and the person may be unreliable. Using poor grammar can cause what has been written to lose creditability. Using proper grammar can go a long way not only for your writing but for you as well. With writer’s block there are a couple of ways to overcome this challenge; 1. Never wait until the last minute to do your writing. 2. When you find yourself getting frustrated step away for a while, take a break, go for a walk, do something to clear your mind. 3. Taking small breaks in-between writing, getting up and moving around, then go back to writing. The strategy I use for proper sentence structure is to proof read my work, making sure to place punctuation in the areas it is needed in my sentences. Using proper grammar while writing the essay and making sure that there is variety and rhythm within the sentence structure. My strategy used for grammar is to have three dictionaries and two thesauruses that are at hand at all times. If unsure that the sentence is grammatically correct I will use them to help me
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