Challenges of Writing a Paper

Topics: Sentence, Word, Linguistics Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: July 5, 2010
There are many challenges that can arise when writing a paper. One of them is having an unclear thesis when writing a paper. Which means that the main point does not relate clearly to the thesis of the paper you are writing. Another challenge that might arise when writing a paper is fragment sentences in the paper. It happens often, and it is when a sentences does not have a subject and a verb in the same sentence. Which causes the sentence not to be complete. Finally, another challenge that might arise is grammar issues. Because even though it sounds simple you need to understand how the language works, how the meaning is made, and how it is broken.

The strategies that I would use to overcome the challenges are; First, to have a clear thesis I need to have paragraphs that relate clearly to the thesis sentence. Also relating clearly to the thesis of the paper. By having the thesis sentence at the beginning, where it can help the reader understand how the point being made fits into the purpose of the paper. Like that taking care of not having a clear thesis. A strategy to help not have fragment sentences is to learn what a subject and a verb are. To make a complete sentence you need both a subject and a verb. There are many sources to help figure out what is the subject and the verb if needed. Finally, my strategy to help with grammar issues is by having a handbook to help me chose the correct words. For example: do I use “Who or Whom?”.
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