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Marketing Assignment #1 November 9, 2007

Thoughtworks Positioning Statement and Analysis

Our Position: Thoughtworks is your system integration partner for innovative solutions and on-time delivery.

Target Audience: IT managers/CIOs/ technical decision makers of Type A enterprises – larger companies who can take risks and are pioneers in advanced technology and innovation. In addition, inclusively IT managers/CIOs/technical decision makers of smaller enterprises (Types B and C) who see that we can handle the larger deals.

Thoughtworks wants to contract more large-scale projects, because in their current situation key analysts are often tied up in smaller projects for long periods of time.

This target audience is specified in Part A of the Thoughtworks text; however, John Guerriere, VP of Marketing, was expecting a direct correlation between Type A enterprises and an appreciation of agile technology, in which Thoughtworks is a pioneer. The customer research showed no such correlation. Instead, the customer research showed that customers hire Thoughtworks primarily because of their proven track record of effective and on-time delivery and service.

Additional Target Audience: opening market due to the trend of outsourcing by many organizations, including the Big Five.

Positioning – Thoughtworks must own its image, not share it.

Therefore, we will NOT focus on advanced technology and innovation because this can be duplicated.

We will NOT focus on exceptional staff and incredible talent, because every competitor claims this and it is hard to prove.

We will NOT focus on Fowler because many companies have a major personality, and his name is not well-known enough to be recognized by decision-makers, only by developers. Also, customer feedback showed that in general, Thoughtwork's clients had heard of Fowler but didn't really know who he is.

We will NOT focus on agile...
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