Market Environment

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Market Environment
As a software development company, the company targets to provide the increasing demands for software products not only to big corporations but to small-scale businesses as well. This is also to foster the company’s purpose of reaching to a wider margin as possible customers. The company also caters to private individuals for personalized and customized projects to fit their specific needs. To all the company’s possible customers, the company offers services such as software development, system development, web development, mobile application development and networking services. The possible end users of the products and services depend upon the company’s customer’s possible customers. Having a wider margin of customers plays a vital role in the company’s better opportunities of acquiring customers. The company is having a better edge compared to established software development companies through its wide margin of customers, products and low prices for the same quality.

The company targets the technological industry due to today’s competition where there is a non-stop innovation for better, faster, and cheaper software products. The company expects the well –established companies and corporations to be the key players. These customers have a well-defined business processes and systems to be easily converted to systems and software. It is expected that there will be a frequent purchase of the company’s products and services. The company’s economic impact contributes to the local economy and society of Cabancalan through its profits and dividends. The company’s social and political impact run through its commercialization and industrialization of the locale as it grows bigger. The technological impact of the company is through its products and services and development of better ways and processes to systems and software. The ecological impact of the company is through its goal to greening of management which the company aims to be greener in...
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