This I Believe

Topics: Mother, Thought, Family Pages: 1 (506 words) Published: March 4, 2013
When I was 10 years old I lost a part of me that any child needs to feel completely I lost my dad , Its gotten easier to talk about it but it also seems like it was yesterday. I remember just being home on a regular Saturday afternoon never thinking of how life is so short . My mother gets a phone call an automatically me and my sister come to conclusion that ethier someone is really hurt or has past away it never past my mind that the person would be my father. I cant really remember what or who I thought the person was but I would never thought it would be a parent of mine. Eventually my mom got the strength to tell me that it was my father I can recall myself thinking and I didn’t even get to say goodbye . At the time I didn’t leave with me father I live with my mother and her husband I seen my dad every other weekend .My father death cut a deep hole in my family but also part us a lot closer which is sad to say a death bringing our family as a unit but its like that sometimes. Fatherless , and feeling overwhelmed by the situation just made me think of all a lot of stuff I could’ve done could’ve said , but something made me feel secure that eventually everything would be okay and that’s why I Believe there is a God not just the one that leaves in the sky above but the one that is deep inside of you in your soul , I know it might seem kind of weird to think that someone or something could make you feel a certain way but I also believe everything happens for a reason . God does things to make you become a stronger more wiser person in this world of hate , yes Im not to sure on what his plan was on taking my father but I know there was a plan behind it . My father death brought closer to my religion but to me I believe having ‘Faith” is bigger than just believe in God you have to accept to live with you day by day , God allows me to feel him everyday .I know in the world today we sometimes get pulled in to all the materialistic things in...
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