Challenging Obstacle

Topics: Life, Death, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Ray Pyle
November 18, 2012
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College Entry Essay
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Most Challenging Obstacle: The Death of My Father
Most people would say that high school and resisting peer pressure would be the most difficult task that they have ever faced. Well the most challenging obstacle that I had to overcome was the death of my father. My life was turned upside down when it all happened. It greatly impacted me on a physical and mental level. Luckily this challenge taught me to cherish life. It even brought me closer to God and to understand that he has a plan for all of us. It pushed me to become more determined and motivated in any activity I partake in. Our family is much closer now then we were before. His death opened my eyes and my mind to accept the idea that you must live life to the fullest. Not only did it teach me to live life but it showed me how to be confident, strong, respectable to everyone and everything, and how to appreciate the little things in life. This would definitely be the hardest obstacle that I ever had to face in my life.

Ever since that faithful day my views on life have changed dramatically. Now I have become more an optimistic individual. Yes, I am more optimistic because now I see the true beauty of the world that I always overlooked. When I see pictures of nature it releases a feeling of sanctity or even solace. I don’t take life for granted anymore, now I strongly believe that every life is precious even the pesky bugs. His leaving revealed that instead of rushing life I should stop every once in a while and take a gander at nature. Like a moment to soak it all in and embrace the true beauty that so much people fail to see. Now I live in the moment instead of worrying what the future brings.

This ordeal has brought me a lot more near to God. In my prayers I learned that God needed him and that my father had fulfilled his purpose. I know it sound cliché but it is the...
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