Becoming a Mother

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Becoming a Mother
As of September 16, 2010 I had always thought that my life was complete. I also thought that I knew what love was and that love at first sight was for dreamers. I was happy; I was where I wanted to be with the perfect family u thought I had it all. That was until I laid eyes on my first newborn baby girl, becoming a mother had transformed my life in a matter of second. I had just gone through the most significant life experience. Being a mother you experienced the best feeling but I also have to make sure my baby Is well taken care of and disciplined for in order for it to make it through life.

As I sat on the hospital bed, I just wanted to relax. I didn’t want to hear anybody. I couldn’t hear the bustle and hustle in the hall way or all the screams and cries outside my door. All I saw and knew was that I was holding the greatest significant gift from God. What I felt was total recognition unconditional love and complete trust. In my heart that very instant I realized, everything I needed to know about love and life. How honored I was that God trusted me this much, that He knew I would guide and love this little human being till my very last day. I was tired and overwhelmed with many emotions. As I watched my baby sleep my mind was spinning like crazy to think how I could better my life. There I was making all these resolutions how I was going to live my life. All of sudden the normal life I thought I had was actually completed by this new addition to the family. As time passed by it was time to go home I made sure my new born was comfortable and healthy. I would buy organic foods and started breast feeding her immediately. She loved to eat and I knew that my baby was growing big and strong. I made sure that anything that went on her or in her was as well as her mouth was good, clean and disinfected. I also looked for any rash or any allergic reaction that may cause her to break. As she was growing I was preparing myself for when she got...
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