Describing the Characteristics of an Ideal Appraisal System.

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The Event That Changed My Life
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I met my grandson for the first time on May 10, 2007. I was standing there in the examining room looking at the monitor screen and looking at my grandson. I could see him moving from side to side and up and down. It was the most marvelous thing anyone can witness in his or her lifetime.

I then realized the look on the doctor’s face and that in it spoke the words that were unspoken. She started explaining to us that the mother was only 22 ½ weeks along and that she was going into premature labor. We had a decision to make -we could either let her naturally go into labor with the baby being breech (this will cause a head catch) which lessens the chance of survival or do an emergency C- section. For the first time in my life I had no way of fixing this. This was out of my hands and into the hands of God. I felt alone, desperate and frightened. I just kept thinking this wasn’t supposed to happen to me. I’m a good person! I go to church; I help people in need, and I greet people with a smile to brighten their day. So the question kept popping in mind why did this happen to me? For the next three days I watched as Nina laid in that hospital bed doing everything she could to keep this from happing. On May 12, 2007 my first grandson was born and on May 12, 2007 is when my grandson went to heaven. It has been five years since this event took place. The old saying is time heals all wounds and I agree with that to a point. I know still as of today there is days that is good for me and others that all can do is feel as I felt on May 10, 2007. They say there is a lesson in all life trails and I have spent the last five years trying to figure this life lesson out. I have come to the conclusion that maybe this wasn’t my life lesson to learn. That maybe it was meant for my son and his girlfriend or it could have been a lesson for all three of us. Sometimes God allows things to happen to...
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