This Thing Called Love

Topics: Criminology, Sovereign state, Democracy Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Anti-Cyber Crime Law
By: Isabel Uy Carasig

As the years go by, the improvement of these gadgets get better and better. And maybe that’s why a lot of us rely on them. They’re really helpful for us because it’s where we communicate each other, send documents, etc. Of course while there is a good side there’s also a negative side. A lot of Filipinos are in desperate need of money that’s why they don’t think of the consequences that will happen if they commit a crime. Based from what I heard in the news/media, a lot of protests had been done by the people who disagrees with this law because they think that it will take away our freedom of speech but I certainly do not think that it will but it will prevent pornography that is being witnessed by minors. Maybe for some of those who are against this law it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their child, but how can they be so sure that the parents are the blame for all this? It can be the influence of his friends or environment. If this shall be approved it can lower the crime rates in the internet here in our country. Whatever maybe the decision of our government I just hope it will be for the better of our country. This will help us to know our limitations, this will not take away our freedom of speech it will just be limited. That is what the government is trying to tell people but they won’t just listen.
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