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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Vanesha Winningham
6946 Old Number 6 Hwy. Elloree, SC 29047
November 3, 2012

Jason Allred, Owner, CEO
Midwest Sparkleen
4000 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WN 53207
Dear Jason Allred,
This is Vanesha Winningham, owner and CEO of Pollcypian Insurance Services. I’m sure you are aware of the many years this company has been contracted to clean for our company. Your company has gotten great reviews from us in the past, but within the last year your service has been far from the usual. When I come in each morning, offices are not cleaned thoroughly; there are many of your chemicals left in some of our busiest hallways, and several other messes throughout my business. I have contacted you several times upon the matter and although you assure me the job will be done correct next time, your company still keeps falling up short. The final straw was on last Friday when your night cleaning shift left our office unlocked. From midnight to 8 AM my facility was susceptible to break-ins, which at this point, I cannot risk happen. Upon careful consideration here at my company, we have decided after the contract with your company expires this December, we will not be renewing our contract. We have enjoyed the years Midwest Sparkleen has been our cleaners, but with your new ownership we feel as though your company could use more time to adjust. We are sorry we won’t be continuing our contract after this year, but we hope that you continue to grow and become a bigger and better business.

Best Regards,
Vanesha Winningham
Pollcypian Insurance Company, Owner, CEO
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