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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Luis Vasquez
Professor Vosburg
English 100 MW 5-7
January 30, 2013
Tree Climbing Response
“Tree Climbing,“ by student. Tree Climbing is a descriptive essay in which the author uses figurative language, contrast imagery, parallel sentences, concrete details, sensory details and many more different rhetorical terms throughout the essay. The author begins to tell describe her past childhood as a kid growing up in the house of her grandparents. It all begins in her brothers eighteenth birthday in which her brother tells the author when was the last time she had cloud pictures. Meaning when was the last time the author had any pictures of imagination that she once had as a child. In return her brother Mike reminds the author of a time when she was tree child in which her childhood was a playground of imagination and dreams. The Story then moves to the authors past. The summer trips to Milwaukee were several events took place in her grandparents house. Where the author along with her brother would spend the summer with and discover mysteries and explore dreams. The author goes on to explain how the basement inside the house along with the 7 rooms played a part in their childhood growing up. “ It was a child’s safe haven; it was a sacred place.” This quote pretty much explains and express the way the author felt about the house’s basement. The author goes on to show how empires were created in this gloriously secure basement as she states. The story then shifts to the present in which the author is now 17 and is returning once again to her grandparent’s house to help them pack. However, the house in which where dreams were created is no more. “ My kingdom up for sale.” The author finds her self stripped away from old childhood as she sees nothing but trash and leftovers of a house that she once knew. The basement was the author’s tree. The foundation of her dreams and memories. “ That last summer I found myself, much to Mike’s disappointment, quite mature, quite...
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