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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Concert Report #1
The jazz concert I attended took place in Fullerton College Theater on November 13, 2012. The Fullerton College Jazz Big Band and J- Train vocal jazz was very organized and well structured. The first song was the Open Invitation which was performed by the J- Train Vocal Jazz. The song was so interesting because the soloists had great voices. Everyone around seemed interested and amused. The J- train vocal jazz also performed the songs “Nancy McFlannery’s Cannery”, and” Fugue in D Mirror”. My personal favorite by the J-Train Vocal Jazz was “Everyone’s Boppin’” because in the beginning of the song the vocalists scat. In the performance two soloists scat at least one time, and the rest of the choir performers sing the chorus. The beat of the song was fast and the instruments that got a solo were guitar and piano. The guitar and pianos solo were amazing because you could see the relationship the soloist had with its instrument which was extremely passionate. The next song performed was “Big Brown Eyes” which was slow and full of patience. The vocalists sing bebop most of the time, and there are four soloists, the drums are just tapping, and the whole tempo of the song is slow. The big band also performed “The Keystone Shuffle”, the instruments being used were drums, bass, guitar, piano, trombone, and then there was a section of the song where the saxophone players battle each other .Both of the saxophones were going at a very fast beat. The next song performed was “Out of Town” which starts with the drums and guitar as bass. The saxophone player joins in and the whole band starts to plays together. They were all on point with each other which made the song easy to listen to. The piano, the saxophone had individual solos and in between the song there was interaction between the two. The concert was very entertaining; I really enjoyed the J-Train and Big Band. Everyone around seemed to enjoy it as well. It was sweet of the big band to dedicate the...
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