Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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University of Phoenix
Third Party Conflicts
MGT 445-Organizational Negotiations

Third Party Conflicts
In this last week’s paper, we will study a case that has strong conflicts and we will see how we can analyze the possible intervention strategies used to solve the case. We will apply what we deem is the best plan and explain what would be the best strategy to find a solution to this conflict. We will utilize the seven stages of negotiation and see which of the five major negotiation intervention strategies we will choose to find a solution to our conflict. We will start by introducing our concerns with the companies in conflict. The article we are to discuss is Negotiation Strategies and Contract Conflict Resolution, and it introduces Pacific Oil Company and Reliant Manufacturing. Pacific Oil is very clear that it wishes to sign a long-term contract with its customer, Reliant Manufacturing. Because Pacific thought this would be a quick “sign on the dotted line” contract they did not do all their homework; Pacific Oil was not prepared and therefore, did not determine what was important, did not define goals and did not think ahead of what would be Reliant Manufacturing’s needs. Both companies were in a working relationship and thus, Pacific Oil took this for granted. Pacific Oil did not study their customer’s needs, did not have a contingency plan, and they looked rather foolish when presenting their “work” to Reliant Manufacturing. A lot of precious time was lost. In other words, the process of information gathering was totally lost. Due to the fact that Pacific Oil did not gather information of their customer’s needs, they did not have answers that would please Reliant Manufacturing’s concerns; Pacific Oil Company made the process a long one because it did not have a thorough negotiation strategy that included a contingency plan or best alternatives. Pacific Oil also neglected to draw out its best alternatives or bottom line in...
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