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Topics: Learning, Periodization, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Reflective Journal

Man’s whole life is a process of learning. He learns many things, during his different periods of life. His childhood, his teenage, young age, middle age and the older age, in every period of his life he learns according to the requirements of specific time period. Teenage or we can say student life is the most important part of his life, because mind of a teenager is like a blank paper. What he reads and what he observes, all these things write down on this paper permanently. Therefore man’s whole life depends on this short period of time. Because our main controlling idea is about teenagers or students, therefore we will write our reflective journal according to the habits of teenagers. Now I start reflective journal with my last week’s activities.

Last week, I read about many things, which were related to my different subjects and different topics. Firstly I read about the third habit of highly effective teenagers, which was “Put first thing first.” It’s totally about the will power of teenagers. It’s mean that you have to do the most important thing first. Simply we can say minors after majors. It’s also about our time management. It tells us how we can set our time period according to our goals and missions. Because this habit is related to second habit, which was “Begin with the end in mind”, which mean set your goals first and then start your work. Third habit tells us how to set our time for our goals according to the importance of our goals and missions. Secondly I read about java programming, which is my second subject and also my major subject. Then about descriptive essay, which is major a part of English 101. We read that, how to make outline, how to write, how to describe things and how to narrate the whole essay. Finally some topic related to mathematics and statistics.

The most important thing that I learned during last week was “Difference between important and urgent, and how these things affect our...
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