Thesis: Banana and New Product

Topics: Coconut, Banana, Cake Pages: 26 (6117 words) Published: December 17, 2012

Filipinos eat at least six times a day despite of our economic conditions. We have our complete meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between plus a snack at midnight. Now what could be the next deliciously new thing for Filipinos? The opponents will be developing a product that will suit the taste of every Filipino.

Researchers chose to study and develop Coco-Banana cupcake to develop the process of producing Coco-Banana cupcakes through adding desiccated coconut and coconut meat as ingredient aside from banana to produce high quality of coco-banana cupcake. This study also aims to maximize the benefits of two of the most abundant fruit in the Philippines. Studies show that both coconut and banana can give a lot of health benefits and not just a cheap substitute for the more expensive ingredients of commercial cupcakes.

This study is significant to entrepreneurs; they may be encouraged to grab the opportunity to put up such business in their place utilizing coconut and banana which can be a source of income. For Bakers, they may be encouraged to utilize coconut powder as substitute to other flour products. For students, they may be encouraged conducting research activities similar to this study in order to come up with another new product that is cheap, nutritious and highly acceptable by the people. For the community, this is a way to improve the economic stability of the people as well as to improve the quality of life. For the coconut and banana farmers, this serves as a great help and motivation for them to continue planting coconut and banana to earn more income. And of course for the future researchers, this study would provide them enough data about alternative products out of coconut and banana like coco-banana cupcake. In addition this will be a tool that will guide and enable them to tackle more researches about coconut and banana products and encourage them to merge with future researches, develop more products utilizing the same raw materials and it can serve as an eye opener for more activities and research.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to produce and develop Coco-Banana Cupcake, specifically it seeks to answer the questions:
1. What are the processes involved in making Coco-Banana Cupcake?

2. What is the acceptability of Coco-Banana Cupcake in terms of; a. Appearance
b. Taste
c. Aroma
d. Texture
3. What is the marketability of the product in terms of;
a. price
b. potential demand


This part of the study deals with the assessment of related-non research work and studies. It also presents the synthesis, gap to be bridged by the study, conceptual framework, and the definition of terms. The following excerpts are taken from online articles and books to provide insights on Coco-banana cake uses and its by-products.

Related Non-Research Works
Cupcakes are small cakes, also known as patty cakes, made to serve one person and available at almost all bakeries. A standard size cupcake is 3 inches in diameter and holds about 4 ounces of food volume for eating. Cupcakes are also popular amongst the masses also because they are cheap; it is like having a couple of bites of a big delicious cake with the same taste but low cost! Nevertheless, a few bites only!

Cupcakes are normally baked in containers called “muffin-tins” but they were baked in individual pottery cups before muffin tins became available. For the same reason probably, the word cupcake is attributed to cakes normally the size of a tea cup. Specialized pans are also used to bake cupcakes which are similar in form to muffin tins. These special utensils are made from non-stick metal and have either six or twelve depressions like cups to adjust cupcake material to be baked. However, the pans may differ in sizes and shapes. Butter, sugar, eggs and flour are standard ingredients for baking a...
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