Db Unit 4 - Victims of Terrorism, Hate Crimes & Racial Profiling

Topics: Terrorism, Violence, United Nations Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 20, 2013
DB Unit 4 - Victims of Terrorism, Hate Crimes & Racial Profiling November 27, 2012
Every year, many people around the world suffer disasters; whether they are natural for example hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and extreme heat, as caused by man, for example terrorist attacks. Although it is not possible to predict when and where these destructive forces will occur, yes it might learn from each disaster and take certain measures to safeguard our physical and emotional well-being. According with International Terrorism and Security Research (n.d.), terrorism is a set of acts of violence used to generate terror in people of a particular country. The aim of the terrorists is to achieve political goals using force rather than reason; reprehensible acts that often cause damage to large numbers of innocent people. When a terrorist attack happens people experience damage psychological as well as the physical consequences of the same. Over the years has not been too into account this psychological damage, which however is of great relevance; Although increasingly more considered these emerging psychological repercussions, it gives the feeling that there is still long way to go in this regard.

Residents of Shady Oaks, a community that has a high number of elderly and disabled people, need a program to instruct them on how to prepare for a terrorist attack or catastrophe. These elderly live quiet and safe in your community since they think that a terrorist act ever happened in that place. Address the issue of terrorism should be in a sensitive way to not create fear and mistrust, these people already have an established daily routine and this topic could disrupt your peace of mind because that fear is something that can manifest itself in many ways.

Establish an action plan in place and carry it out step by step without creating panic community and feel that it is altering its independence should be done with great sensitivity. As a representative of...
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