Topics: Metro Manila, Entrepreneurship, Quezon City Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Back in 1999 there was a group of 7 college friends that were assigned to put up a small business as their project in entrepreneurship. They came up with an idea to start a small business which is coffee shop.

Michelle and Cielo are responsible for making pastries; Kristdel and Juster are responsible for brewing coffee. Stef and Mhaferie are assigned to handle the raw materials for the products and lastly, Marjorie is responsible for monitoring the business.

The coffee shop became popular so after the project they realize that they can continue the business to sustain their financial and educational needs.
Many years have passed the business become known and successful. Background Study
The Doux Cafe’ Paris was founded on November 8, 1999 by Stef Reyes, Cielo Marie Silverio, Michelle Inventado, Justerina Arriola, Marjorie Cartago, Mhaferie Anne Tecson and Kristdel Anne Papa. It opened on November 11, 1999 with only 2 employees, Stef and Cielo; they just only started by serving coffee and cupcakes. Coffee and cupcakes from Doux Cafe’ Paris was became the most popular in Valenzuela City. 1st week of December, Stef and Cielo decided to have a Business Partner with their friends and then 5 employees was added, Michelle, Juster, Marjorie, Mhaferie and Kristdel. And in January, 2012, Stef and Cielo considered the 5 as their Co-founder and they finally complete all the equipments and they allocate additional merchandise and items particularly for the business. On February 14, it received Entrepreneur Business Recognition. On March, 2012, The Doux Cafe’ Paris opened newly cafe from different branches, such areas from, Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, Tagaytay and Laguna. We choose those areas because of our target customers from big establishments like Call Centers, Offices, Schools and Condominiums. Until now 2013, The Doux Cafe’ Paris still serving good customer service and provide different varieties of food, so that customers have...
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