Ervice Performance and Service Quality of the Starbucks.

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It is the intention of this essay to critically analyse our team performance for discussion of the service delivery process of the Starbucks coffee shop. Secondly, this easy will evaluate some important fators about service performance and service quality of the Starbucks.


I am a member of group fighters. Our group has chose Starbucks coffee to evaluate the process and manner of its service delivery.

We went to the Starbucks coffee shop where is in the Swanston Street. We bought a cup of coffee for each one, and then we discussed this coffee shop’s service. Our group discussed some elements that are about critical or important for service performance and service quality. Each member provided their own opinions and we discussed together. We thought this way is better than to separate the questions, because we can listen all of members’ ideas.

We discussed that the servicescape is the physical environment in which service delivery. Servicescapes are an important tangible component of the service product that provide cues to customers and create an immediate perceptual image in customers’ minds. In the Starbucks coffee shop’s servicescape, there are some pop songs played in the store, music can be used as an effective tool to minimize the negative consequences of waiting in any service operations. They opened the heater in the store, customers feel warm in the store, and they have yellow lighting, as well as they provide some comfortable chairs and clean table. The store that we have been got two floors, so they offered a relax space to customers. Those factors of servicescape can attract customer to get in the store.

The result of our discussion about the location of the Starbucks coffee shop is that there are two stores in the Swanston Street; they are all in the CBD, near the shopping centers and company’s office. They are easily...
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