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“A Review of Preparing for the Future through Choosing Courses that Fits the 4th yr Students of St. Thomas Academy”

This study will discuss about the advantages of preparing for choosing the courses that fits for the 4th year students of St. Thomas Academy. We prepared a survey to be answered by the senior students of St. Thomas Academy to carry out our study.

During 1997, Oxford’s terminologies introduce the ways of studying the subject different from those they have encountered at school during high school days. In higher education in Canada and the United States, a course is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors (teachers or professor) and has a fixed roster of students. Students may receive a grade and academic credit after completion of the courses. In the United Kingdom and Australia, course refers to the entire program of studies required to complete a university degree, and the word ‘’unit‘’ would be used to refer to an academic courses in the North American Sense. In between the two, in South Africa, it is common for the word course officially to refer to the collection of all courses (in American Sense, which is often called ‘’modules’’) were a year or a semester, though the American usage is common parlance. Courses in American Universities are usually on a time restraint. Some courses are three weeks long, one semester long, an academic year long and on some occasions three semesters long. A course is usually specific to the students major and is instructed by a professor. For example, if a person is taking an organic chemistry, then the professor would teach the students Organic Chemistry and how it applies to their life and or major. Courses can also be referred to as “electives”. An elective is usually not a required course, but there are a certain number of non-specific electives that are required for certain majors. Elective used as adjectives means that it is optional and chosen by election. An elective, a noun, chosen by a student’s means that it is optional subject or course in curriculum. Elective is a term used for an academic course chosen by the student from a sat of options, as opposed to a required course. While required courses (sometimes called core courses) are deemed essentials for an academic degree, elective courses tend to be more specialized. Elective courses usually have fewer students than the required core courses. Typically, North American Universities require students to achieve both breadth of knowledge across disciplines and a depth of knowledge in a particular chosen subject area, known as major. Normally, the students are free to choose their particular electives from among wide range of courses offered by their universities, as long as the student’s posses the prerequisite knowledge to understand the subject matter being taught.

Adebayo, B. (1995). Gender differences in vocational college choice process. Canadian Vocational Journal. An exploration of the college choice decision-making process of male and female students (n=605) enrolled in a vocational college suggests that friends and relatives are the major sources of information about college choice and that the reputation of programs, location, and child care are important factors that should be promoted when recruiting students. (JOW)

Bers, T. H., & Galowich, P. M. (2003). Parents and the college choice process for community college students. Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, 10(1) 24-40. Examines parents' expectations from a community college and their roles in the college choice process of community college-bound students. Reports that, overall, parents had high academic goals for their children, wanted the college to prepare for bachelor's degrees, and overestimated their children's academic abilities. Discusses implications for improved communications with parents of prospective community college students. (Contains 27 references.)...
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