College Students Should Have Freedom to Choose Their Own Courses.

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  • Published : June 23, 2011
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The system of education in Poland has been changing for many years, but one thing remains the same - compulsory subjects at college. Students complain that they cannot choose subjects they are interested in and have to spend much time on doing things that they do not really need. I think that college students should have more influence on their studies program, and should be allowed to skip some courses. First of all, if college students have the opportunity of choosing their subjects they will be more eager to attend their classes. As the result they will get better marks, which is satisfactory both for them as well as for their teachers. They focus on something which can be crucial for their future career. In addition, they get more aware that there are also subjects which can be useful for them in the future and they can choose them as extracurricular. Intelligent students will attend more classes and lectures. What is more their idea of schooling system makes them more responsible for their learning and they learn to make right decisions. They get more organized and flexible which is very important in life. The laziest and unorganized students would have more problems with passing final exams. I totally agree that college students should have freedom to choose their own courses. Nobody knows better than students what is best for them. From my own experience I know that if I had had such an opportunity at college I wouldn’t have wasted so many hours on learning hated subjects and concern on things that would be useful for me in the future.
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