There Is No Way of Knowing What God Is Like

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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There is no way of knowing what God is like.
Discuss this statement.

For this motion, although atheists and Christians have a different view of whether God exists or not, however they can both agree with this motion. Christians believe that God is infinite (above human experience), so there is no way of knowing him, and unlike humans he is not limited. God is often described as being transcendent (above human experience), inscrutable and unknowable so it’s impossible for humans to comprehend what he is like. Though atheists don’t believe in God and since it can’t be scientifically proved that he is real, there is no way of knowing what he is like, if he exists. In the Bible God is described as being loving but what sort of God allows bad things to happen, it can be argued that God is unpredictable. My last argument for this motion is from an agnostic point of view how can one know about what one has never seen, heard or experienced. The Bible conveys his teachings but there is no physical proof that he exists. Against this motion, my first argument is the ‘argument from degree – there must exist a being that possesses all properties to the maximum possible degree’. This suggests that God is omnipotent and he is also described as being omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, omnipresent, and immanent. These describe the attributes God has. In the Bible God for example is described as a father, king, judge and a warrior so we know his nature, therefore we can say that God is not cruel and is not bad etc. This is yet another way of knowing what God is like. In Genesis the first chapter of the bible there is the Creation story, saying that we humans were created in his image so we can understand him. For example it could be argued that miracles are another way of experiencing God and praying. There are Christians who believe that there is a way of knowing what God is like because Jesus was born on Earth his son and he died to save the world from sin, that...
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