There Is No Perfect Research

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  • Published : December 26, 2011
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Joel Kenyakisa
24 December 2011
There Is No Perfect Research
Research in its basic definition is the process of gathering and accumulating knowledge with a purpose of finding meaning, discovers new phenomena and shedding light on complex life problems. The notion that there cannot be a perfect research was first coined by Prof Morwenna Griffiths in her book Educational Research for Social Justice: Getting off the fence. Her hypothesis was that research by an individual cannot be the best research ever to be conducted. That level of excellence is nonexistent because research in itself is amorphous among other reasons. Errors in Research

Research cannot be perfect because it is subject to errors. Different research studies conducted on same subjects have yielded different findings and conclusions. A good example is the amount of research conducted in the health sector. This has resulted in having a market with a wide cross section on medical alternatives to same medical conditions. Studies on military strategy in the same war scenarios have also yielded contrasting doctrines by different war colleges. The level of error can be minimized if more time and resources are put in these research studies. George Leard and Umardaub of noted that research studies will always have imperfections. The evolving nature of research

The evolving nature of research makes it inaccurate with time. Take for instance the telecommunications industry. Several research studies have been conducted by many scientists on the need to have a perfect communication system. Alexander Graham Bell performed endless experiments that would prove his communication theory real. Modern scientists have now partnered with wireless cell phone companies to design efficient and effective communication systems that provide faster and reliable connectivity among customers. The result is the creation of cell phones such as i-phones, androids, and blackberries. Research...
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