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Brian Berrios
English 12
October 25,2011
Importance of Research for Education

Research is an investigation into the study of outside materials and sources to realize the topic more and to elaborate on that subject. It will also allow people to gain new conclusions on the topic of your research. Research will make others reach a new understanding of what you are trying to find out. It is important for a students education so they can have more knowledge about that certain topic while learning about it. Also, researchers have questions about the topic so researching it will collect information about it. Research is usually done on a subject people rarely know about so it is harder to find out information because they have to use outside sources to find out about it.

When you research, you are gaining more knowledge about that certain topic that you did not know about it before. It makes you look more into the subject that you would not have. When you are researching, you will gain a lot more knowledge about your topic than you ever had before. To gain knowledge of you topic internet is widely used to gain it, but you can also use books,magazines, interviews and other things of that type. Students need to gain a working knowledge of their topic. It gives them a real life sense of what the topic really means. To make knowledge, it is necessary to apply thought to your information and the facts you have found about the topic. Writing about that certain topic can she the student whether they have really understood what they wanted to about the subject. The information you gain should now be known by yourself so that if anyone has questions about your topic you can have a correct answer for them.The more you write research papers the better you will become at writing and your analytical skills will become.

Research will help with organizational skills.Learning to work from a plan and...
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