There Are an Increasing Number of Juvenile Delinquents. What Are the Causes of This Phenomenon

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: January 9, 2013
There are an increasing number of juvenile delinquents. What are the causes of this phenomenon? The incidence of juvenile offenses is growing at an alarming rate; and the severity of these offenses has been consistently staggering to us adults. It is imperative that we pinpoint the causes of this phenomenon. Many instance of juvenile delinquency have been attributed to the violent or the pornographic content of some TV shows and video games. These days, we are confronted with a proliferation of blood and nudity on TV, the computer and the internet. As a consequence, many youngsters, especially teenage boys, get addicted to such scenes. Lacking the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, they develop criminal tendencies. Another contributing factor is the rampant parental neglect and domestic violence. Today, there have been an ever-growing number of dysfunctional families. In general, the children raised in such families are far more likely to be afflicted with constant fear and anxiety. Eventually, they develop a hatred for the individuals and society as a whole. Additional, the increase of juvenile crime rate is symbiotically connected with the rise of adult crime rate in society, in other words, the more adult crimes, the higher the probability of youngsters falling prey to adult offenders. For instance, many youths are tempted by evil adults into committing crimes, whereas others who are victims of adult offenses may become criminals themselves to get their revenge on society. In sum, a variety of factors contribute to the surge of juvenile delinquency. It is crucial that we take stringent measures to tackle these problems immediately and ensure that the future of our nations –that is, the youngsters, have a more promising future ahead of them.
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