Juvenile Boot Camps

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 9 (3739 words) Published: November 14, 2010
The issue that I plan to take on in this research proposal is rehabilitation for minors. I mainly want to focus on minors 16 years of age or younger. The question I wish to answer more specifically is, does boot camp benefit or harm a troubled minor? I also wish to learn the short and long term affects of these camps, do they just create a short term solution, or do they in fact shape minors into law abiding citizens that can contribute to society? I plan on answering these questions using past and present research from experts in this field. I chose this topic because I believe it is very important that society handles their minors in only the right manner, they should be guided not punished because one day they will be running the nation with no mom, dad, or anyone else to guide them. I hope to learn that boot camp is handling and guiding their minors in the right direction. Juvenile delinquency has always existed as a problem without a single, proper, and effective solution. Throughout history society has proposed countless forms of punishment to make an attempt at altering the behavior of these young people in a positive manner. Some judicial and legislation acts have left numerous amounts of juvenile’s suffering in prison, and some have been far too lenient. Either way, juvenile delinquency is threatening the safety and order of society throughout America today. These Juveniles are obviously not receiving the proper tools to succeed in life. Many of them come out of prison, probation, juvenile detention, and are angrier than before. This leads to the short term effect of them repeating their offenses. It may also lead to a long term effect, transforming them into a more violent, angry, and troubled adult offenders that spend most their life’s in prison. Juveniles must be treated incredibly careful because the majority of them are at a extremely fragile age where a minor mistake can have a devastating impact. The purpose of this research project is to identify a correct, proper, and effective solution on how to treat juvenile delinquents. The solution that will be the focus is juvenile boot camps and if they result in a positive outcome for juvenile delinquents. Some key questions that this research project will aim to answer are, “How do boot camps effect the short, and long term behavior of juvenile delinquents?” “Is this an acceptable punishment to impose on these young criminals?” “Are these facilities more of a rehabilitation method or do they just punish?” The final and most significant question is, “Are boot camps successful in changing young individuals in a positive manner?” All these questions are very vital in determining if boot camps are successful in what they attempt achieve. This research project must and will answer all these questions, and it will attempt to produce clear answers by the data and methods utilized. The principal goal of this research project is to determine the effects that boot camps have on young offenders. This project also intends on evaluating criminal justice programs that use these techniques and their success rate. The main assumption of these programs is that they punish young offenders. The public and program directors view boot camps as facilities that enforce strict rules, teach strict discipline, and force hard labor. It is also assumed that these facilities, overall, shape an a juvenile into a well-disciplined, well-behaved member of society and will transform, him/her, into a improved human being. Basically, the main assumption is that boot camps are punishment facilities that rehabilitate and change a juvenile. This program is suppose to change the behavior of juveniles through different methods which will result in well-behaved juveniles, and a decrease in crime rate. Ultimately, this should lead to a negative relationship between the amount of juveniles exposed to this program and crime rate. The article “Look What Boot Camp’s Done for Me”...
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