Thelma and Louise

Topics: Thelma & Louise, Brad Pitt Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: May 17, 2013
John Smith
Period 6
Mr. Coulter
Thelma and Louise
The movie Thelma and Louise show how a simple chain reaction can change even the kindest of people, and the rest of their lives. Thelma was a simple housewife that was invited for a simple get away by her good friend Louise. Even though Thelma knew she wouldn’t have permission by her husband, she went along anyway from peer pressure. The two girls started out excited, then they became scared after the murder, but Thelma and Louise came to peace to it then started doing more bad while enjoying it.

Thelma wasn’t too sure about going because she didn’t want to upset her husband, but after she thought about it, she didn’t care. Thelma had had enough of her husband and decided to go against his word and go with Louise to the mountains. She was then in a state of freedom and happiness, and felt like she could do anything and just wanted to have fun; of course Louise felt the same way as it was her idea. The two figured they’d stop at a bar to have a little break, and Thelma wanted to have fun. After a few drinks in them, they went dancing with some odd cowboys, which was a big mistake for Thelma. She ended up getting raped outside. Thelma was devastated and scared, but the cowboy didn’t get too far with her luckily, because Louise came in with a gun to help. Unfortunately some things were said from the cowboy that set her off, and Louise put a .38 in his heart, not meaning to kill him though.

Thelma was terrified and hating her body after all of this. Louise was scared as well, but not for her dignity and well being, but because she didn’t want to go to prison. Louise said they couldn’t go back and couldn’t go to the mountains; they needed to run off to Mexico and to start a new life. Louise had this plan all along and was all for it, but Thelma was still shaky on the idea, maybe because she didn’t commit the murder, we will never know. After they meet up with DJ, Brad Pitt, Thelma gets herself...
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