Comparing Antigone and Thelma

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Antigone and Thelma's glory
In earlier times and unfortunately still now, women are considered to be less than men. In the movie Thelma and Louis and in the play Antigone women are depicted as inferior to men. Thelma, an old fashion woman who is bullied by her husband and Antigone, a traditional woman who is deprive to follow her believes by a king, fight through their story to stand up for themselves in a patriarchal society.

Similarly, both women's decision and actions starts their tragic path. Antigone is decided to bury her brother, Polynices, being aware that disobeying will lead to death. While talking to her sister, Ismene, she said "he has no right to keep from my own"60. Antigone believes that as the woman of the family is her responsibility to bury her brother and it's the law of god which should overrule the law of state. She doesn't fear confrontation and admits to Creon that it was her who bury his body at the time of accusation. Antigonie says "give me glory! What greater glory could I win than to give my own brother decent burial?"561 She believed her death was her glory. Her pride and ambitious way to be remembered made her fearless of death.

As the movie progresses Thelma changes her attitude and becomes more like Antigonie, strong, rebellious, proud and fearless of consequences. Undoubtedly, Thelma's getaway with her friend, Louis, made her realize how little control she had over her own life and the satisfaction that came from independence. Thelma calls her husband and says "Darry, go fuck yourself" achieving total freedom from her imprison marriage. She then goes on to challenging the patriarchal society, who wants to incarcerate her for her rebellious actions. But her strength of mind takes over. Thelma's decision to "let's keep going" with a cliff in front of them, illustrates her motivation for freedom and her pride.

Their strong drive by emotions and constant fight against patriarchy, place them in dead- end situations....
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