The Outsiders

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The Outsiders WebQuest

During this term, we will be reading the novel, The Outsiders. In order to fully understand the context of the story, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the time period. In some ways many things haven’t changed since the 1960s (i.e. gangs, friendship, etc.). However, in other ways, there have been major transformations. Therefore, you will research certain topics in order to gain a fuller understanding of the setting and social contexts of the novel. You will complete the following tasks:

- Research a given topic
- Prepare a presentation about the topic by including pictures, facts, sound clips, etc. (poster and/or PowerPoint presentation) - Give an oral presentation to the class about the topic


* Music
* Fashion
* Historical events
* Food and entertainment
* Celebrities and movies
* Greasers and preps/socials
Questions to Answer and Websites to Explore


1. What kind of music was popular during the 60s? List a few different genres. 2. What music artists were popular? What were the top songs/albums? 3. How is the music different from today? Are there any similarities? 4. Do you think the music of the time had a big influence on the generation? Do you think the music of today has an influence on people? Why or why not? 5. Play at least two songs during your presentation (if you do not have the songs, ask a parent or teacher to help you out)

1. What kind of clothes and shoes were popular during the mid- 1960s? 2. Which hairstyles were popular?
3. What kind of makeup was popular?
4. The Socs wear madras shirts in the book. What do they look like? Give a picture. 5. How are the clothes different from today’s fashion? How are they the same?

Celebrities and Movies

1. Who were famous actors and actresses during the time period? 2. Who was Paul Newman? Name two of his movies in the 1960s. 3. What were some popular movies during the time period? Name three. 4. What were drive-in theatres? Food and Entertainment

1. What were some popular dishes of the 1960s? List dishes for different occasions.

2. What were some fads and forms of entertainment during the time period? 3.
Historical Events

1. What were some major historical events between the years of 1964-1965?

2. What was the cost of living, petrol, etc. in 1964?

3. What kind of impact do you think these events had on people during the time period? 4. How have things in society changed since the 1960s? Name at least 3 important changes.

Socs vs. Greasers

1. Describe a ‘greaser’ by answering the questions below: a. Why were they called ‘greasers’? b. How did they dress?
c. How was their hair?
d. What was some ‘greaser’ slang? e. What are the differences between ‘socs’ and ‘greasers’?

Group Checklist

1. We have correct spelling and punctuation in our presentation.YESNO 2. We have at least three pictures about our topic.YESNO 3. We have answered all of the questions about our topic.YES NO 4. We...
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