Theater Evaluation

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Theater Evaluation Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, California 93943-5138 NPS-09-03-001

Compilation of

Theses Abstracts
September 2002

Office of the Associate Provost and Dean of Research Naval Postgraduate School

This publication contains unclassified abstracts of theses submitted for the degrees Doctor of Philosophy, Engineer, Master of Science, and Master of Arts for the September 2002 graduation. This compilation of abstracts of theses is published in order that those interested in the fields represented may have an opportunity to become acquainted with the nature and substance of the student research that has been undertaken. Copies of theses are available for those wishing more detailed information. The procedure for obtaining copies is outlined on the inside of the back cover. For additional information on programs, or for a catalog, from the Naval Postgraduate School, contact the Director of Admissions.

Director of Admissions Code 01B3 Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA 93943-5100 Phone: (831) 656-3093 Fax: (831) 656-3093 The World Wide Web edition of the School’s catalog is at:

For further information about student and faculty research at the School, contact the Associate Provost and Dean of Research.

Associate Provost and Dean of Research Code 09 Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA 93943-5100 Phone: (831) 656-2099 Fax: (831) 656-2038 Email:

The Compilation of Theses Abstracts can be found on-line at NPS Research, a tri-annual publication highlighting faculty and student research and Summary of Research, an annual publication of research projects and publications, are also available on-line.



The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) was established to serve the advanced educational needs of the Navy. The broad responsibility of the school is reflected in its stated mission: Increase the combat effectiveness of U.S. and allied armed forces and enhance the security of the U.S.A. through advanced education and research programs focused on the technical, analytical, and managerial tools needed to confront defense related challenges of the future. To fulfill its mission, the Naval Postgraduate School strives to sustain excellence in the quality of its instructional programs, to be responsive to technological change and innovation in the Navy, and to prepare officers to introduce and utilize future technologies. The research program at NPS exists to support the primary mission of graduate education. Research at NPS: • maintains upper division course content and programs at cutting edge; • challenges students with creative problem solving experiences on DoD relevant issues; • advances DoN/DoD technology; • solves warfare problems; and • attracts and retains quality faculty.

Academic Programs
To meet its educational requirements, the Navy has developed a unique academic institution at the Naval Postgraduate School through the use of specially tailored academic programs, and a distinctive organization trying academic disciplines to naval and joint warfighting applications. The Naval Postgraduate School has realigned its education and supporting research programs to achieve three major goals: 1) academic programs that are nationally recognized and support the current and future operations of the Navy and Marine Corps, our sister services, and our allies; 2) institutes that focus on the integration of teaching and research in direct support of the four pillars of Joint Visions 2010 and 2020 and their enabling technologies; and, 3) executive and continuing education programs that support continuous intellectual innovation and growth throughout an officer’s career. Institute of Information Superiority and Innovation Institute of Institute of Defense Modeling, System s Engineering Virtual and...
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