The Zhou Dynasty

Topics: China, Zhou Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: November 29, 2012
The Zhou Dynasty

You might think, why would I choose the Zhou dynasty over something more commonly known? Well, I decided choose the Zhou dynasty, because I realize that there was a lot of changes that they made to China, some even crucial to disease prevention and protection of the civilization as a whole. I also chose the Zhou dynasty because I like how they used a lot of persuasion and useful trade tactics to fit in with the Chinese culture.

In order to be excepted as rightful rulers of China, they had to use a lot of cunning words to overcome the minds of the former Shang dynasty citizens. Not only did the Zhou accept the former gods of China, they added the Mandate of Heaven, which showed that rulers will be overthrown by the gods if they become corrupt. In addition, they used the Mandate of Heaven to explain the Dynastic Cycle, and also still had the Emperors surrounded by a court. A court, is a large gathering of nobles surrounding him for giving advice and other useful details on how to rule the civilization.

Not only were the people pleased at this point, but they now had even a more advanced military. This was because of the discovery of iron. Iron was lighter and less malleable than bronze. Bronze was quickly replaced in almost every aspect except for some decorations. Jade, of course, was also still used in most Chinese decorations. The catapult was also invented in this time. The catapult provided powerful, and very lethal, projectiles that were more damaging than bows. These military advancements gave the Zhou huge edge in the battlefield.

The Zhou also brought with them some new cultural inventions into the society. The Zhou the first to introduce coins into Chinese society. With this new form of payment, trade will be much easier among the Chinese. Another great invention that they introduced to them was the chopsticks. We know chopsticks today as those pieces of wood in the Chinese buffets if you can't grab worth a darn. Back in the...
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