The World Around Us

Topics: Film, Emotion, Art Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The World Around Us Have you ever wondered what else could be happening around the world as you go through your own day? Director Kevin McDonald seemed to and an idea for a new type of documentary was made. Life in a Day is a documentary put together from 80,000 clips gathered around the world from 192 nations, as a time capsule to show the world how it was to be alive on July 24th, 2010. Life In A Day takes you on a journey through hundreds of people's day. The movie starts off showing how tons of people all seamlessly start out their days, such as making breakfast, going to the bathroom, and having that first pot of coffee. As the movie progresses throughout the day, keeping most everything in time with-others, they composed and placed clips side by side that would complement one another. They show this best when we see a clip of a woman getting ready to talk to her husband that is overseas, on Skype, for their date night. While this story is playing, they weave in and out clips of a news-reporter who lives in Afghanistan. Moving along, the movie starts to take a darker turn as night begins to settle in. Showing clips from Germany's LoveFest, and the deaths that happened on that day, people talking about their fears, why they don't want to be close to anyone, and a bad thunderstorm to set the mood as the film comes to a close. The movie shows all parts of life: birth, childhood, love, pain, joy, illness and death. We see all the emotions and experiences one goes through in life, and the things you would normal capture on film. I could not help feeling like some of it was staged, that some people put on this happy face because they knew they were going to be filmed. I just could not see pure genuineness from some of the clips.

Along with feeling this movie was staged, I could not help but notice how much some of the filming bothered me. Not so much something being blurry, but just the general shakiness of it. I see Youtubers making blogs that are much more...
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