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Using the concept of a 'world view', identify some of the beliefs and attitudes, particularly to education and learning that you bring to your learning now. Reflect critically on how your worldview has been shaped by factors such as your gender, age or community. In your answer refer to Hobson (1996) and Samovar and Porter (2004) from the SSK12 Reader, and Chapter 1 in A Guide to Learning Independently (Marshall and Rowland, 2006, 1-18).

The world view I hold in regards to education and learning is that it is a privilege made available to all of us within Australia. I believe that education is the key to the world. Education is the foundation of life. Everything in life revolves around education and learning. In this essay I will explain to you why I think education is a privilege and that education is an essential part of life. The factors that shaped this world view of mine are my family, age, gender and community. Firstly I will define they key term “World View” Hobson (1996, p 2) defines it as “the set of beliefs that we hold and through which we organise our understanding of ourselves and our understanding of others” an other way of defining world view is the way Samovar and Porter (2004, p 1) say that it is an “overarching philosophy” meaning an overall view. So my world view is formed because of these factors I am in my twenties, I am female, I live in Australia and I come from a family where education is highly valued as it is the key to success. My age impacted my world view towards education and learning. In 90’s at secondary school there was a lot of emphasis on completing your high school certificate (Year 12) and moving onto university learning. I did not however follow this philosophy of going to university. I always knew though that there were many options available to me, if later I wanted to return to study. I did know that I still needed to gain more education so that I could gain employment in a field of my choice. I chose...
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