The Week Before the Death of Jesus

Topics: Jesus, Judas Iscariot, Saint Peter Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: May 12, 2008
The Week Before the Death of Jesus
The week began with the arrival of Jesus in Bethany. Lazarus was there; he had been brought back to life by Jesus earlier. Martha served Jesus dinner, and Lazarus dined with him. Afterwards, Mary used her hair to anoint Jesus’ feet with a pound of spikenard, which is oil that was very expensive. The house was filled with the fragrance of this ointment. Shortly after, Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon that would later betray Jesus, asked Jesus why the ointment was not sold for three hundred pence and the proceeds given to the poor. He pointed out that the oil was worth a year’s wages. He did not ask this because he was concerned for the poor. The reason he asked was because he was a thief. He was the disciple that kept the money bag and he would often steal money out of it for his own use. Jesus told Judas to leave Martha alone and then explained that this oil had been kept just for this occasion. Jesus then said something that completely trumped Judas’ argument and pointed out Judas’ lack of regard for the death of Jesus. He pointed out that there will always be poor people forever, but he will not be there much longer. Meanwhile a large crowd of Jews that had found out that Jesus was in Bethany had come. Not only had they come to see Jesus, but also Lazarus who had been raised from the dead by Jesus. Because so many people were putting their faith in Jesus for raising Lazarus from the dead, the chief priests constructed plans to kill Lazarus. (John 12:1-11) The next day, as Jesus and the disciples were approaching Jerusalem, they came to Bethpage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives. Jesus told two of the disciples to go to the village up ahead. He told them that they would find a colt tied up there. They were supposed to bring that colt to Jesus. If the owner were to ask them why they were taking the colt, they were to tell him that this colt was for the Lord, and it would be returned shortly. While they were untying the coal,...
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