The Way Up to Heaven

Topics: Family, Marriage, Wife Pages: 5 (1243 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Mrs Foster was an old lady who has a fear of being late. She had been a good and loving wife; she was modest and served her husband loyally. Mr Foster was an old man, seventy years old, diminutive, but dressed dapperly. He took pleasure in inflicting pain on his wife by making sure they arrived a few minutes too late whenever they went somewhere.  

Mrs Foster wants to go to Paris to visit her daughter and grandchildren who live there. She is planning to be away for six weeks.
She is so nervous because it took a lot of persuasion to get Mr Foster to allow her to go and she fears that he might stop her from going if she misses the plane. I get a negative impression of Mr Foster. He seems cruel, taking a lot of time just to annoy his wife.  

The flight was postponed because of the fog.
Mrs Foster didn’t want to go home; she didn’t want to give her husband more opportunities to prevent her from leaving. When she heard the news she planned on staying at the airport. Her husband told her to come home; he didn’t seem too faltered about it.  

Mr Foster had to go get his cigarettes.
He has to go back into the house because he said he forget the present he had bought his daughter. Mrs Foster asks the chauffeur to og get her husband because she found the thing he had been looking for. He doesn’t go into the house because the door is locked and he doesn’t have a key.  

Outside the door she listens, analysing the strange sounds she is hearing. She decides to leave for the airport without her husband.
She was cool and calm once she reached Paris.
When Mrs Foster opens the door to her house she is met by a lot of unopened mail. The house is dark and cold, an unknown odour in the air. She calls the elevator operator in her husband’s study.
Mrs Foster is an old lady who is scared of being late. Her husband is well aware of this and thinks it funny to make sure they are a few minutes too late. The day Mrs Foster is supposed to leave for France he does this, nearly driving her to hysterics. Her flight is delayed and she goes home. The next day her husband is doing it again, he pretends to forget something and goes back inside. When his wife finds the item he claimed he had forgotten in the seat of their cab she goes to tell him so. She stops outside the door and listens. After a few seconds she walks back to the cab and orders the chauffeur to drive to the airport. She comes back after six weeks and when she goes home the house is dark and cold. She then calls an elevator operator to come and fix their elevator. Her husband had been stuck in it all this time.  

Mrs Foster is a modest, insecure and nervous old woman who is very loyal to her husband. She is scared of being late and is always ready to leave at least half an hour before she needs to. As the story develops a few more things about her personality become evident, revealing a slightly darker side as she leaves her husband to die in an elevator so she can get to the airport in time.  

Mr Foster is a nasty old man who takes pleasure in other peoples pain. He is seventy years old and has a lot of control over his poor wife. He enjoys watching her  
The story takes place in New York, probably in the late 70's. Most of it happens in a cab on the old couple's way to the airport.  
The themes are revenge, marriage, relationships
I don't think the title fits the story because I don't understand why 'the way up to heaven' has anything to do with this story. The word heaven isn’t mentioned in this story and it really doesn’t have much to do with it at all.  

I think Mrs Foster is listening to the sound of her husband trying to get out of the elevator. He is probably cussing and screaming which would be easy to hear even from the outside of the building.  

I don't think Mrs Foster is a good wife. First of all, good wives don't usually kill their husbands. I think she would have been a better wife if she had...
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