The Video Game Delivery

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Software testing Pages: 13 (2458 words) Published: May 27, 2011
Video Game Delivery Project

Company: SmartGames

Project Team:
Shweta Somalwar – Project Manager
Danielle Vermitsky – Team Member
Loc Nguyen – Team Member
Shawn Hopkins – Team Member
Anthony De Marzio – Team Member

Table of Contents

Project Charter (Updated)3
Project Scope Statement5
Work Breakdown Structure8
Gantt chart10
Scope Verification Strategy11
Change Control Strategy12

Project Charter (Updated)

Project Title: Video Game Delivery Project
Project Start Date:February 9, 2009Projected Finish Date: February 9, 2010 Budget Information: The company (SmartGames) has allocated $500,000 for this project.

Project Manager: Shweta Somalwar, 215-123-4567,

Project Objectives:
▪ Develop a web-based application and support structure within 12 months for a video game rental program that is platform free. ▪ To provide the rental of educational and sports-related video games, with information and products available in several different languages, to ultimately meet untapped customer needs. ▪ Enable the capability for external vendors/partners to create and display advertisements on the website for a fee.

▪ Communicate with the project sponsor on a weekly basis regarding the status reports, updates, and project plan/approach. ▪ Research the e-commerce technology in regards to online video game rentals. ▪ Develop a user-friendly e-commerce website.

▪ Develop a support system that will handle user accounts, data/inventory storage and management, payment processing, package/product tracking, referral tracking, etc. ▪ Research, select and integrate online payment methods, along with school payment systems. ▪ Research and integrate the shipping company’s methods for envelope tracking and processing. ▪ Research software to provide security, customer reviews/inputs capability, the ability to display advertisements, and manage/track referrals from corporate partners/customers. ▪ Conduct testing of the system.

▪ Launch the website, while marketing the new service to an international audience. ▪ Establish a method to measure the activity, the value, and the profitability of the online service periodically.

Roles and Responsibilities

|Role |Name |Organization/ |Contact Information | | | |Position | | |Project Sponsor |Lori |VP of Marketing |Lori@ | |Project Manager |Shweta Somalwar |Manager |SSomalwar@ | |Team Member |Danielle Vermitsky |IT Professional |DVermitsky@ | |Team Member |Loc Nguyen |IT Professional |LNguyen@ | |Team Member |Shawn Hopkins |Marketing Specialist |SHopkins@ | |Team Member |Anthony De Marzio |Purchasing Specialist |ADeMarzio@ |

Sign-off: (Signatures have been recorded by names in table above.)

“We need to be mindful of how our servers are setup so that the users can have a full interactive e-commerce experience online, while implementing methods in order to minimize down time and sluggish performance”. –Loc Nguyen

Project Scope Statement

|Project Title: Video Game Delivery Project | |Date: February 23, 2009 Prepared by: Shweta Somalwar, Project Manager, | |(215)123-4567,...
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