The Video Game and Sexist

Topics: Gender, Video game, Video game culture Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Video Game in the young popular culture
Qiao Lu
Video game characters are icons in youth popular culture; it is commonly use video game characters in some products’ marketing campaign when their target markets are young adults. Sometime, the video game will evolve other forms of media as well such as the film, the books and cartoons after the popular of video game. However, when the people enjoy the excitement of video game, there is serious sexism and stereotypes involve in it. How popular the video game and video game is among the young popular culture? Depending on a study By Karen.E.Dill :”The Many of them also subscribe to video game magazines. Among young men, gaming is a common past time, a common topic of conversation, and has been associated with poorer academic performance . Banking on the popularity of video games among young men, the US Army spends $4 million each year to market and upgrade their video game America’s Army, which they use successfully as a recruiting tool.” There is more evidence in statics study on the gender stereotype in video games. People will but research on their role in gender socialization is rare. “A content analysis of images of video game characters from top-selling American gaming magazines showed male characters (83%) are more likely than female characters (62%) to be portrayed as aggressive. Female characters are more likely than male characters to be portrayed as sexualized (60% versus 1%), scantily clad (39% versus 8%) and as showing a mix of sex and aggression (39 versus 1%). A survey of teens confirmed that stereotypes of male characters as aggressive and female characters as sexually objectified physical specimens are held even by non-gamers.” Studies are discussed in terms of the role media plays in socializing sexism. The Gender issue in video game was signified. Depending on statement of The National Institute on Media and the Family characterized recent video games as glorifying violence towards and...
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