The Value of Art

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Death Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: April 27, 2013
People draw since ancient times, how do we determine the value of art? Art do not have any clear instruction, and we could never grade an artwork fairly as it depends on the viewer. Different people have different views and perspectives, I think that art can reflect feelings of artist, and to express the emotion of the artist, it also can be a mirror of the times, reflecting the situation of the age, or it might only be a kind art form, just presenting the technique of the artist. It is no doubt that famous artist artwork usually got more appreciation, but I believe that the value of art is the motive and sprits behind the artwork but not who drew it or how much it sold for, artist create artwork with their own belief, if the belief arouse the resonance of the audience, the value of the artwork would be raised.

Impressed by the dead man in the painting, I chose Manet’s painting the dead toreador to further explain what is the value of art.

Edouard Manet was the leader of impressionism; he was born in a wealthy family and his parent wanted him to be a lawyer but not an artist, however, Manet stood firm and eventually his dream came true, he followed Thomas Couture. Nevertheless, they had different views on art, so Manet copied the former masters’ painting and searching for his ideal art form.[1]

Manet paint the dead toreador in 1864, this painting is part of the other picture Incident in the Bull Ring, There is a toreador lying on the ground with a bleeding wound on the shoulder in this painting, his outfits and the flag he held in left hand shows he died when he was participating in the bullfight. The background of this painting is flat and in murky color, what’s more, though the body is lying on the ground, it has no shadow, and the perspectives of the it is a bit in correct, which giving me a sense that the corpse seems floating, and it’s creating an atmosphere that death is far away from us, even the death of the toreador seems happened in a unreal...
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