Art and Humanity

Topics: Middle Ages, Prehistory, Paleolithic Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: September 20, 2009
Paintings and Sculpture’s that portrayed “Human Condition” in the 20th Century Arts and Humanities


a. History of Art
a.20th Century Arts and Humanities
b.Human Conditions

III.Drawings and Paints
a.Structure and Design
b.Light and Dark Parts
c.Painting Techniques
d.Material and Canvas

a.Today’s Art
b.Ancient Art

On my paper I have chosen Paintings and Sculptures as my major topics for this paper. I will give version of the way I saw and researched the history on these topics. Leonardo Di Vinci’s work is very admirable and is a very interesting person to research as is all artists. As a society we would be where we are if it were not for all artist in the past and future.

Art has long been around for millions and millions of years for example it has been around since the Prehistoric times. Paleolithic which is "Old Stone Age" is a term used to define the oldest period in the human history. The Paleolithic or Palaeolithic - lit. Old stone from the Greek paleos=old and lithos=stone. It began about 2 million years ago, from the use of first stone tools and ended of the Pleistocene epoch, with the close of the last ice age about 13,000 BC. After Prehistoric Art there came Ancient Art which portrayed for example Egyptian art. Egypt during this time is important because of the religion and the respect for death ruled their art. They built mostly temples, graves and adopted strict canons controlled by the priests. Our knowledge of Egyptian civilization rests almost entirely on them and their contents since they were built to endure forever. Conventions of ancient Egyptian believes and culture strongly affected the art. The Pharaoh (King) considered divine. They built great tombs for their Pharaohs (kings), who were not only the supreme rulers but gods. Tombs contained everything the deceased might want or need in the afterlife and much of our knowledge...
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