Artists from the Baroque Period Through the Postmodern Era

Topics: Art, Baroque, Peter Paul Rubens Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: August 26, 2008
From the Baroque period through the Postmodern era there are three artist that stands out to me with their work. Rembrandt’s Resurrection of Christ is a wonderful piece of art with its reflection of the Roman Soldiers and the reassuring presence of Christ. In 1808 Goya’s Third Day of May is a work that was created during the realism period. Which due to the war during this time it affected many artists by changing the content of their work to real life events. Like many others during this era this painting was based on an actual event that took place during real life events. Created from 1609-1611 Sir Pete Ruben’s The Massacre of the Innocent’s, is one true painting of art as it captures only a moment of the terror but as well as all human emotions are expressed within it. Of these painting and event I will discuss what influenced them to create such are and what inspired their painting. Some of the art created could have been tribute due to the political, social, or economic change in events.

Describing in the bible Matthew in 2:16 describes a massacre of babies on order of King Herod after hearing on the birth of a new king, Jesus, in his realm. This incident, known as the massacre of the innocents, exemplifying the horror of harming children while the power of the state, has inspired artists such as Sir Peter Ruben and into many centuries after him. Which Rubens was a prolific artist. His commissioned works were mostly religious subjects, history paintings, which included mythological subjects, and hunt scenes. Ruben found his inspiration through being not only an artist but as a diplomat as well. He wanted peace through Spanish Netherlands and the United Provinces. In his start of his career as an artist he was influence by the collections of Raphael and Titian where he painted an equestrian partial of the Duke of Lerma during his stay in Prado, Madrid. This combined his career of art and diplomacy. Christ played a big role in many artist works that...
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