The Upside of Anger?

Topics: Emotion, Acts of the Apostles, Management Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: May 9, 2011
1.Do you think Laura is justified in her responses to her organization’s culture? Why or why not? Answer: Yes Laura is justified in her responses to her organization’s culture. Laura has to work there for now to be able to pay her bills so she puts a smile on her face and just gets through the day. She should talk to her managers but feels as if she cannot do so or she will get fired. So she is doing the right thing by staying quite instead of voicing her opinion that is full of hate.

2.Do you think Laura’ strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect her? Answer: Her strategic use and display of emotions only serve to protect her in the workplace. Holding everything in for a long period of time will wear her down and make her depressed which will affect her work performance.

3.Assuming that Laura’s description is accurate, how would you react to the organization’s culture? Answer: If Laura’s description is accurate I would be looking for another job right away. I am a pretty emotional person and think with my heart the majority of the time. So I would not be able to just keep everything in and put a smile on my face or pretend to like someone just to keep a job. I understand having to keep quite sometimes and just smile and nod then go get the job done but I could not do that on a everyday bases. I believe that if you’re not happy do something to change the situation so you are happy.

4.Research shows that acts of co-workers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more negative emotions for employees than do acts of customers (7 percent). What can Laura’s company do to change its emotional climate? Answer: The mangers can start by changing how the act if they show that they are happy this will change the environment and make the employees not so aggressive. Second they can use humor and give their employees small tokens of appreciation for work well done. Third they can select positive team members who have a happy mood....
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