The Unsaid,, , Reflection

Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Mental disorder, Suicide Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 18, 2013
The Unsaid…Reflection
1. What were the early signs that Kyle was in ‘trouble’ mentally? * Kyle shows aggression through his behaviour (Plays handball really rough) and the way he talks to his father

2. What effect does the suicide have on other family members? List findings throughout the movie. * Michael gives up his job as a psychiatrist; instead he writes books and gives lectures. * Parents divorced after Kyle’s death (Shelly lives with the mother) * Michael is mostly depressed

* There isn’t great communication between the family members * Shelly blames herself for Kyle’s death

3. What is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?
* Post Traumatic Syndrome is some kind of stress disorder

4. Describe similarities and differences between Tommy and Kyle’s behaviours. * Tommy and Kyle both play handball
* Both of them are also mentally ill

5. What happened at the Raven that indicated Tommy was not fully mentally healthy regarding his mother’s murder? * He gets angry really easily when talking about his mother

6. Is Michael mentally healthy over his son’s suicide? Why does Michael say “I’m OK” when people ask him how he’s feeling? * Michael is not mentally over his son’s suicide
* Michael says he’s OK because he wants to escape moments because it triggers moments where he had to remember his son

7. List several acts of violence in this film.
* Tommy punches a girls at a party (killed her)
* Tommy’s dad kills his own wife when he found his son in the closet * Tommy gets angry in the kitchen and throws things all around the kitchen, while he talks about his parents, especially his mother * Harry shoots himself in the head, and Michael witnesses it through the window * Tommy beats up Barbara like he had seen his father do it * Tommy apparently killed Tory because he arrived at Barbara’s house in his Red car

8. What is the true cause of Tommy’s mental...
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